Your clients are your best advocates!

Benefit from referral marketing and Word of Mouth with our social network for high quality recommendations!


Referral Marketing can grow your business as 92% trust referrals from friends. With Voice of Friends you combine Word of Mouth Marketing with Tell a Friends programs. Via our social network people share great places among friends and recommend your company. We support them to ensure each recommendation will resulting in new clients and new business for you.
Voice of Friends is your social platform to win new clients and reward your existing clients.
You only pay for success - no hidden cost!
Win new clients by encouraging Word of Mouth from your loyal clients
By approaching your loyal customers we know that their friends usually show the same behaviour. Therefore you don't need to offer high discounts that might ruin your profit. Instead offer smaller vouchers that will be attractive enough to try out your place but do not harm your reputation and force you to offer permanent discounts.
Reward your loyal clients for successful recommendation
Bind your loyal clients even closer to your company by acknowledging their support and offering "Thank you" vouchers for successful recommendations.
100% Cost Control - Anytime with ZERO upfront investment
You decide how many clients you want to win per marketing activity and how much you want to offer as a voucher. There will be no set-up cost, no registration fee - you only pay after successful recommendation.. Each voucher will have a unique code to prevent fraud, protect your business and avoid disappointing your customers.
Be visible - globally and win customers locally!
Recommendations on Voice of Friends happen daily and all recommended companies are visible not only among friends but also globally. Be recommended means also be visible and be among the top recommended places in your town.



Become one of our happy users and share your experience with us!

"We use Voice of Friends to approach new clients and it took us only few minutes to set it up. Now all our loyal clients receive a business card and they recommend us. More importantly - we see directly how the word-of-mouth generated by Voice of Friends is resulting directly in additional business"

"I believe in referral marketing as a super tool for businesses like mine. Due to the ease of use of "Voice of Friends" it can be setup quickly and my clients can send recommendations easily to their friends on any web-enabled device. It's a great tool to win new customers via referral marketing."

"We heard about Voice of Friends from a mutual friend with Michael, as a new referral marketing system especially for local businesses. As a food truck we’re always looking for new ways to connect with and reward our best customers at a low cost, and this is a great platform to do just that. I can’t wait to see how our customers like it!"

"This referral marketing program is just great! We have access to our target customers simply by asking existing loyal customers to make recommendations to their friends, all without any upfront investment. Only after the new client has used their voucher do we pay a commission fee. Our acquisition costs are still lower than traditional marketing methods."

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