Frequently asked questions(FAQ) - How our referral marketing works!

We hope the below questions will answer all your questions about Voice of Friends and how it can help you to drive Your business.
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About Voice of Friends

Voice of Friends is a platform to share and find recommendations among friends. (Word of mouth)
It allows companies to reach new clients by adding vouchers to each recommendation between friends.
- Win new clients
- Reward existing clients for recommending your company
- Full cost control and no upfront cost. Pay for success!
Voice of Friends is FREE for all users and everybody can recommend your company for free.
You can optionally decide to encourage recommendations by offering vouchers.
We believe in great service and our sustainable marketing for your company. Offering "Welcome" and "Thank-You" vouchers will bring you more new clients faster.
As we believe in the proven word of mouth concept we don't charge any set-up cost, monthly fees or similar. We only ask you for a commission fee after a new client has entered your place. No new clients means no cost but also lost business opportunity for you. As additional optional service we will offer you marketing support, SEO and consumer communications. Contact us for further details.
We believe that a pure recommendation between friends is 100% better than an anonymous review about your company. Therefore we have not implemented this feature.
Friends will recommend your company if you deliver a great service and they like your place. If this is the case then we recommend that you register your company to attract new clients by offering vouchers and providing additional information about your company. Offering vouchers gives you the unique opportunity to make advertisement and only pay in case of success.

How will users create recommendations on Voice of Friends

They only need your name and/or city to find you! The user can select your company if your company is registered on Voice of Friends or listed on Google Places. We will provide support in case you company is not yet listed on Google Places. Please contact us.
After your registration via Voice of Friends users can easily find your company via the search field.

Marketing Activities & Vouchers

After your registration you can create a marketing activity in 3 minutes. You will need to select the number of clients you want to reach and the voucher you want to offer.
We recommend to make the voucher as special as possible to enhance the experience for your clients. Last but not least you can provide a message to your potential future client. To simplify the effort we provide draft text that works best so far.
Vouchers will be created automatically if you have an active marketing activity(see above). As soon as your clients start to recommend your company a voucher will be added to each recommendation till the maximum number of vouchers is reached. You can track and trace every voucher via the dashboard.
No. We believe that recommendations among friends are most powerful if none of the sides earn money through it. After your company start to use Voice of Friends your clients have a chance to receive "Welcome" and "Thank-you" vouchers for each recommendation.
This is entirely up to you. We recommend to offer the vouchers for something special instead of high double digit discounts. This will increase the loyalty of your clients. You can choose the value and purpose of the vouchers based on your ideas and business needs. If you want to offer vouchers only for specific days - that's your choice and we make it happen
We have done studies to show that you will receive ~ 10% more recommendations among friends if the recommender (your existing client) and the receiver of the recommendation(potential future client) receive the same voucher value. Anything else would result in a feeling of "selling their friends" and would be counter productive for your business.
Your clients will come into your place and present to you a unique voucher code including the voucher value. You will verify the voucher code via Voice of Friends to prevent fraud and ensure your existing clients will receive the "Thank-you" voucher.
Your client will present you the voucher code and you can easily (less than 10 seconds) verify if the voucher code is valid via Voice of Friends.
This can be done with any smart phone and does not require any special installation or download of an app. After you provided the voucher code we will provide you with the name of the client as well as additional information to allow you to make his stay more individual.

Privacy & Cookies

Recommendations will be visible for the people who matter most: The friends of your existing clients. These friends will see all the details about the recommendation.
Your company will be visible to the public if you received sufficient recommendations. In this case your company will be listed among the top places in your town.
Therefore each additional recommendation will increase your visibility! In case you don't want to get this visibility you can contact us and we will hide your company to the public.
Each recommendation and any additional voucher will be visible to the receiver and his friends till the voucher is used.
This offers your company the unique opportunity of having a persistent advertisement that will visible until it becomes a sale.
Each recommendation and any voucher will be visible to the receiver and his friends till the voucher is used.
Yes - we use cookies and Google Analytics to identify our users and improve your experience. We only aggregate the data with other users to prevent user specific analysis.
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